Communication is hard enough. SelectiveChat lets you commuicate with your friends with nothing more than an Internet connection. There is no need for an email, account, or profile.

What is SelectiveChat?

SelectiveChat is a web-based messaging application, where users can join any chatroom via link/code invite. This makes sure that no users need to have an account or an email to chat!

How Does SelectiveChat Work?


First, you must create a chat room if you have not been invited into a chat room. You must click on Create Chat Room to create a chat room and enter in the name of the chat room.


You will then be prompted to enter in your display name. This is the the name that the other members of the chat room will be able to identify you as. This holds true if you are invited into a chat room as well.


Finally, you can invite other people to your chat room! Simply click the "Invite People" button and send someone the link that they can simply click on. Or, you can send them the code and they can go to Join Chat Room and enter in the code given.

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